EyesOnBoard™ Anti-Motion Sickness Glasses

$60.00 $29.98

10 Minutes Use.
Lasting Relief.

The symptoms of motion sickness can be downright dizzying! Planning a boating excursion, cruise vacation or road trip but dreading nausea, dizziness, and vertigo? Like magic, these glasses ease seasickness and motion sickness in a matter of minutes without posing the tiring side effects of medicines and herbal cures.

Stay alert and ready to enjoy your outing without feeling sick to your stomach. All you have to do is wear the glasses for 10 minutes when you feel the onset of motion sickness. That's right. It takes only 10 minutes for the specs to balance your equilibrium, therefore rapidly relieving nausea, dizzy spells, and wooziness.

EyesonBoard™ are composed of 4 rings filled with colored liquid. The level of this liquid varies according to the moves of the vehicle and creates an artificial horizon in the user’s vision. Which re-synchronizes the eyes with the balance system.

  • Healthy, Risk-Free & Fast-Acting Anti Motion Sickness Glasses 
  • Designed & Developed to Offer a Safer, Healthier Alternative 
  • NO Side Effects – Safe for Elderly, Children, Pregnant Women 
  • Only Have to Be Worn for 10 MINUTES – Effects Last & Last
  • The glasses are lensless, so they can be shared between all family members and traveling companions
  • One-size-fits-all and can be worn over prescription glasses.
  • Best Choice for Cruising, Flying, Carnival rides & Sickness triggering video games
  • Award-winning technology, recommended by doctors.


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    Mikel S.
    United States

    They really do work!

    My daughter gets car sick overtime we go on a journey, she put these on for the first 10-15 minutes of each leg of our recent car trip and felt great! She was even able to write while I was driving! We did all giggle a little because she felt silly wearing them at first but once she realized how well they work, every time we got back in the car she had them on! Thanks EyesOnBoard!

    Annelies Powell

    The only solution that works for the worlds worst motion sickness person

    I'm the worlds worst seasick, carsick, airsick, whatever you can name. I've tried every remedy you can name and they don't work. THESE WORK!! I've used them for months now and I read in the car, in the air, in boats, everywhere. I've given them to people with vertigo, pregnant women with motion sickness, people with the flu, and I never get them back because they work for them. Some people with sea sickness have told me they work better than the medication the doctors gave them. All I do is tell what they say. I have even given them to airsick flight attendants on one flight when one attendant saw me wearing them on a rough flight.

    Paula Raftery

    glasses work without needing a pill for nausea

    This works pretty good when I get nausea from car's nice not to have to take another pill.

    Lauren Conram.

    This is a game changer for someone who gets sea sick!!!

    If you suffer from motion sicknesss, sea sickness this is the product for you! I love boats but I have always had to take medication for sea sickness to enjoy them. Medication always caused drowsiness and did not always help. but these glasses did the trick. I actually plan on buying another one so I have a few on the boat for others who suffer.

    Rita Moore

    Works well enough

    These were purchased for my daughter to wear during a long car ride. While she does not suffer from acute motion sickness, she generally doesn't feel well after riding in the car for long periods. We traveled about 8 hours one day and then about another 12 hours a couple days later. Like my daughter, I don't feel well riding on a boat. I also wore these while I took 2 four-hour boat rides and didn't have the overall not-well feeling that I expected to experience had I probably would have felt without them.